OP-ED: Germany’s ‘Normalized’ Juvenile Facilities a Success

JJI President Betsy Clarke’s Op-Ed was released on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

Over a century ago, reformers in Chicago initiated a series of policies based on the progressive concept that children are different and deserve special treatment. The progressive movement involved extensive collaboration with reformers in Europe.

Jane Addams and other Chicago reformers brought back the concept of a “kindergarten” from progressives in Germany and established a settlement house (Hull House) in Chicago modeled after Toynbee House in London. Chicago, however, bears the proud title of establishing the world’s first juvenile court in 1899, with the British following suit in 1903 and Germany in 1908.

In this same spirit of learning from the successes of others beyond our borders, we should embrace some of the successful practices and policies for young adults in conflict with the law from our counterparts in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Read full Op-Ed here.

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