About Us

Mission: The Juvenile Justice Initiative is a statewide advocacy organization working to ensure equality, justice and human rights for children and young adults in conflict with the law in Illinois. We advocate to reduce reliance on incarceration, ensure equality and fairness for all children and young adults, and develop a comprehensive continuum of community-based resources throughout the state.

The Juvenile Justice Initiative works to achieve concrete improvements and sustainable reforms, based on human rights and best practices, for all children in conflict with the law. We collaborate with other organizations, advocacy groups, community leaders, and state and local government entities throughout Illinois to ensure that fairness, equality, human dignity and competency development are priorities for all children in conflict with the law.

Our statewide policy approach to juvenile justice advocacy links:

  • research and analysis
  • policy development
  • network and coalition building
  • policy education
  • policy advocacy
  • policy evaluation
  • implementation assistance 

in an atmosphere of collaboration.

All of our work is made possible thanks to private individual donations and foundation grants.  JJI does not accept any government funding, and thus is an independent voice for best practice in the justice system.