Editorial: Right-size criminal justice system; keep kids out of it

In Today’s Dispatch Argus Editorial, Editorial Board urged the Gov. Rauner to sign our bills – HB3718, HB2567 and SB1560 – bills that right size juvenile justice system by reducing the numbers of automatic transfers and the number of children ages 10-12 in detention center, and banning incarceration of children in juvenile prison for misdemeanors.

“If they became law, none of the bills would mean that juveniles could no longer be tried as adults or that the most dangerous and violent among them would be allowed to join other juveniles in detention centers. What proponents hope they will do is increase the opportunity for more juvenile offenders to get the services they need to become contributing members of society rather than put their feet on the path to adult criminal activity.”

“We must pursue policies which help to turn lives around. It’s not about coddling criminals. It’s about not creating hardened, lifetime ones and instead fostering productive adult members of society.”

Read the full editorial here.

To learn more about our bills, click here and download our factsheets and reports.

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