Editorial: Springfield’s secret to criminal justice reform — compromise

Chicago Sun-Times’ Editorial Board discussed our bills, HB2567 and HB3718, that got bi-partisan support.

“People who work with troubled kids will tell you that it does no good to put a child as young as 10 in a county detention facility. Talk about setting the kid up for even more trouble.

But the police will tell you something else: they don’t always have a choice. Taking a child out of his home and putting him in a detention facility is sometimes, unfortunately, the only way they  can protect the child from a dangerous family fight that’s about to explode.

Those two conflicting truths were at the heart of negotiations in the Illinois Legislature this spring on a law establishing when and why a child can be put in county detention. Both sides compromised and produced a bill that, while not perfect, is a good step forward in helping and protecting children.

Equally important, passage of the bill — and almost a dozen other reforms in the areas of criminal and juvenile justice — serve to remind us of how bipartisan progress is still best made in Springfield: Eschew rigid ideology, compromise, and don’t trash your opponent.”

Read full editorial here.

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