NYT Opinion: Telling My Son About Ferguson

Michelle Alexander, the author of the New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, shares her struggle with discussing what’s happening in Ferguson with her son in Telling My Son About Ferguson in the New York Times.

“As a civil rights lawyer, I know all too well that Officer Wilson will not be going to trial or to jail. The system is legally rigged so that poor people guilty of relatively minor crimes are regularly sentenced to decades behind bars while police officers who kill unarmed black men almost never get charged, much less serve time in prison.”

“I open my mouth to speak, look into my son’s eyes, and hear myself begin to lie: ‘Don’t worry, honey, you have nothing to worry about. Nothing like this could ever happen to you.’….I am angry that I have to tell my son that he has reason to worry. I am angry that I have to tell him that I already know Darren Wilson won’t be indicted, because police officers are almost never indicted when they kill unarmed black men.”

Read full article here.

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