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Our Current Focus

The Governor signed the following bills on 8/4/15!  Click on the posts to the right for press releases on Transfer Reform and Detention Reform.  

HB3718 – a bill to limit automatic transfers of children under age 18 to adult court:

SB1560 – a bill to ban admitting children for midemeanor offenses and limit aftercare (parole):

HB2567 – a bill to reduce detentions of children ages 10-12 through community alternatives:

HB2471 – a bill prohibits the sentence of mandatory life without parole for children under 18 at the time of the offense in Illinois:

  • Click here for a sample letter template you can use to ask the Governor to sign the bill into law.

And more!

  • Click here for a sample SB100 letter to urge the Governor’s signature.
  • Click here for a sample HB218 letter.

JJI also urges the Governor and Illinois Legislature to fully fund community based preventative and intervention services for children in Illinois.

  • Read JJI’s statement on the need to maintain community based services in the state budget.

The Juvenile Justice Initiative is a non-profit, non-partisan statewide advocacy organization working to transform the juvenile justice system in Illinois. We advocate to reduce reliance on incarceration, to enhance fairness for all youth and to develop a comprehensive continuum of community-based resources throughout the state.